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Ok here are the details on how the one millionth hit contest will work. Instead of having the one millionth person getting the prize we are going to have people submit their guess on when we will hit 1 million. The closest person will get the signed copy of Renegade and it's soundtrack. Here are the details:

- You must have your entry submitted before the counter hits 999,500.

- Your entry must have the *day, hour, minute, and second* of when the counter will hit 1,000,000. The time *must* be in based on UTC time, here is a page you can find out what that is relative to your timezone.

- You can't enter if you are a staff member of FED2k or work at Westwood Studios.

You can submit your entry to me using the IM system on our forum, do not send them via email. Don't wait too long, once we hit 999,500 hits the entries are closed.

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