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A couple new posts have been made by Frederic Manisse about Dune Generations, however only one really has anything to say:

Mariage is between a leader house and another member ( not a leader ) from another family. This last member goes to the leader family ( you lost this character ) and an unbreakable alliance of 100 years is made between your two family.

The character that moved to the leader family is lost for you. From here, you'll understand than a mariage isn't just a love story since it's about loosing a family member, so the leader who want to be married will better to have some jokers in his pocket to convince someone else of loosing a character.

If you can't find a wife ( or an husband ) inside the player population, the bene gesserit will find an average NPC so your bloodline will not stop, but ... well ... that would be the average ugly and idiot mate that would save your family from dying and nothing else. Check your local dune books for the importance of breeding right and well.

There is a stat called fecondity for all characters. The sum of the wife and husband score say roughly how much children you could have.

Doctor suk can also help with making little babies.

I think the only new info in that is that once giving up someone to be married, you lose control of them (which is pretty much common sense) and that Suk doctors can help in impregnating your lady. Check out our Dune Generations Compilation for more info on the game. I'll be sending out the next list of questions about the game to be answered on thursday, so get them in quick, either on the forums or in the comments section.
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