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A couple new posts by Frederic Manisse:

If by wild life you think ET races, then no.

Arrakis is another story, but what could you expect isn't a secret. Just check your dune book.


The languages that will be available are not defined at the moment. ( Except french and english for sure ).

Also, it seems I won't be bothering Florent with a list of questions this week this week. Frederic answered all the questions I had planned to send him today on the general forum:
1) In February at least one gaming magazine claimed to have a "company version" of Dune Generations. How many copies of this version of the game were handed out? Is it the same as the "closed alpha"?

I've checked Alpha accounts. There is no account linked to any gaming mag.

2) Will Dune Generations be presented at the next E3?

I think no

3) Are families family composed only of direct family (father, mother, kids, House chief's brothers/sisters) or also of uncle's kids and ALL these lineages who may come from the start?

Direct family

4) How powerfull are you trying to make the A.I. which defends you while offline?


5) Will spice be used as anything more than just a very valuable commodity?


6) Will mercenaries be able to turn on the house that hired them?


7) What class of houses have more troops ?

That's the kind of question i don't answer Find it by yourself in the beta or later.

There were two other comments, but they weren't anything new.
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