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Posted by Frederic, the lead Dune Generations designer, yesterday:

1. Can trader class houses be effective in combat or defense? If so how?

Yes then can. How? Being a better RTS player than your ennemy.

2. Will there be a technology tree or tech level for the houses?

Some technology aren't available from the start yes. There is no 'research'.

3. Is it possible to to send assassians to kill leaders durring a war?


4. What will stop or lower the chances of assassination?

Companions affected to security.

5. Can a mercenary house hero be hired to fight a personal duel?

Yes. You can hire a merc weapon master to fight for u.

6. How will personal duel's be handled? is there a action sequence?

Duel is planned but not clearly done at the moment.

7. If you are a evil leader can you use slavery interrogation or torture techniques.


8. Are there special units that can be produced or hired in the game besides the fremen? Will there be gola cloned sardaukar army's?

If there is special units, you'll have to find them by yourself.

9. Does the leadership stat effect the ammount of troops you can have?

The tactical leadership SKILL affect your troops stats, not number.

10. Are there morale levels of troops? how can high leadership influence troops?

There is no morale rules. High leadership affect troops's stats. For the maximum of units in a battle, it's still in work. We are working to upgrade to the limit, the number of visible and fighting units. It's about a few hundred.

Btw, he was lurking around FED2k the other day too, maybe we'll see him posting in our Generations forum someday.
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