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First off some advance warning on server downtime. Our friendly network admin PhaseBurn will be overhauling the servers this week. The plan is to do it Wednesday night but if it doesn't happen it will be Thursday. Current plans are that the sites will go down at around midnight Pacific time and since this is a rather large overhaul they will most likely be down for about 6 hours. During the process everyone will be redirected to a page letting you know what is going on in case you've forgotten.

Speaking of our network of sites the Westwood Underground has made a return with some new faces posting the lastest news relating to Westwood games. Also GameLordz is back as well with some of the old timers like Cyberman0 and Overkills posting general gaming news.

C&C Universe is another new site that is being run by some of the old timers in the C&C community. You might even see me posting there every now and then. :)

EdricO has sent in a new map for Emperor called Desert Seige, you can find it in the maps archive. Let me know if you have one you want to add to the listing. Also check out Dune Editing for the latest mods, we've got a few more people working on the XBF format so hopefully that will be solved soon and bigger and better mods will be possible.

Some other files sent in include a Dune II manual from Stainless and some Fan Art by both Scy and Jim Gardiner. As usual if you have something to contribute to the site just let me know.

Here are the latest poll results, check out the newest poll to the right which asks your choice on who has produced the better series of Dune games.

Which type of cutscene/mission briefing do you prefer?

poll.gif 63.7% - (302 Votes) - Real Actors

[img width=52 height=10]http://www.dune2k.com/image.php?image=/poll.gif 25.9% - (123 Votes) - Computer Generated

[img width=12 height=10]http://www.dune2k.com/image.php?image=/poll.gif 6.1% - (29 Votes) - Voice Reading

[img width=5 height=10]http://www.dune2k.com/image.php?image=/poll.gif 2.3% - (11 Votes) - Text Based

[img width=4 height=10]http://www.dune2k.com/image.php?image=/poll.gif 1.8% - (9 Votes) - Other

Total Votes: 474

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