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Raider Trikes Capturing Buildings?


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How much work would have to go into making the Ordos Raider Trike capable of capturing buildings?  Ordos play in the middle game theoretically centers around capturing buildings instead of destroying them but doing so is prohibitively expensive (because the CPU gets to repair buildings for "free" it takes five infantry squads - 500 credits - or four trooper squads - 800 credits - to capture a building successfully)

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I never modded this game except for adding random buildings-units into preexisted maps (that not always work) so I have no idea if that would be possible.

But Instead of spending that much money on infantry to capture the building, or even making raiders to capture buildings, you can always just use those raiders to damage the enemy building and then capturing when the building´s hp is red. Just a tip to make it easier; be sure the screen is watching your units shooting the building, if the screen is away the units fire slower, making it that even with 10 raiders the AI won't be able to outdamage the repairing AI.

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