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  1. Ehehe, I was trying to edit scenario.pak with notepad, yes. I'll have to remember that it doesn't work that way in the future. I'll have to look for a nice lightweight unpacker then. I am using the Dune Editor that you made, yes; I'll check out OpenDune and see if they can tell me why build time messes with build cost so much. Graphics are usually the last thing I'd mess with, but just so I've got it ready which editor is the one for editing the tilesets? Like I said before, the useful tools thread and useful threads thread seem to be out of date and full of dead links. As for Concrete, basic
  2. I was wondering why, when I tried messing with it, a harvester with movement type "foot" kept exploding when it started harvesting.
  3. So, I'm new here and all that, yadda yadda yadda. I've been working on modifying Dune 2 to fit my own personal tastes - messing with the tech tree, changing what costs what and how fast it builds, changing where the IX Units are built from, and so on and so forth. I've noticed a few oddities, however. 1) If I try to edit Scenario.PAK directly to accommodate a Starport in lower tech levels, the game fails to go past the Bene Gesserit screens. 2) If the build time is set to 1, some funky things happen with structure costs - half of the cost gets lopped off (I haven't tried this out with Build
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