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Beat each campaign level by 10 years before deadline

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(new to the forum, hi!)

This was a real challenge, but now I think I've done it.

First my challenge was to beat each level by 5 years before the deadline date. Now I think I can do it by 10 years. (excluding the day missions like Whistle Stops and Promises, and those weird commercial levels) I play the platinum edition, on hard difficulty of course.

Difficult levels were: Elbow room, Eidelweiss express, New daylight express.  Feel free to ask me about any level.

I've been keeping screenshots of all the successes, I started on the harder levels, so I've a few earlier ones to finish up.


Lets keep this amazing game alive!

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Welcome. Some scenarios are easier than others. Whistle Stops and Promises mostly depends on having no breakdowns if run as intended. You can cheat by starting it, pausing immediately and then changing the consist to just the loco, but it can be done without this. 


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Well done. Didn't try this myself. After playing scenarios at -25% human revenue and +25% computer revenue and max competitors, the campaign seems easy, so I'm not surprised that it's possible. In my opinion meddling with the AI operations in any way is off-limits.



Playing in this way, hardest for me, best case for AI, maximum AI players, I enjoyed the challenge of these maps:


-- "Secret" gold on the official Heartland, USA map, $80M company value in 20 years against 9 competitors.

-- Cascadia, the original "hard" version. The links for it are dead, 0kb 😒. I have it buried on a hard drive in storage, I hope. Will be a couple days before I can search for it. Maybe someone else can post up a copy before I can find it.

-- This:

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