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Dune 2 Sandworm Update - Train Sandworms in the Barracks and order them in CHOAM!

Jesse MuadDib

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Hi, I just finished my new Sandworm update for Dune II that allows the user to actually train Sandworms from the barracks and order them from the CHOAM. I accomplished this by replacing the Soldier with the Sandworm. I have also updated the controls of the Sandworms so they now have the ability to Hunt. Each Sandworm you train/order will only eat once, so I made the cost very cheap so you can easily train/order more (but the game default Sandworms still eat 3 times). Also your enemies also have Sandworms, and your Sandworms can eat enemy Sandworms as well. FYI, it helps to build your barracks by the sand so that your Sandworms can deploy on their own, but if not, don't worry, they will be picked up by a Carryall. Yes, Sandworms will actually be picked up by a Carryall. Funny right? My update works for Dune II and Super Dune II. The zip file contains an updated version of Dune2.exe, a profile.ini file, and a basic test scenario to make it easy to test the update. I would also appreciate any feedback. If you are interested in my update, you can download the Zip File from the Google Drive Link below, or from the Download button below, or email me at jessemiv@yahoo.com and I can personally email the zip file. Enjoy! Shai Hulud.

Zip File to download the update:






Dune2 Sandworm Update V1.zip

Edited by Jesse MuadDib
Fixed typo and added a link to Google Drive to download my update via Zip File. I also attached 2 photos, 1 video, and attached the zip file containing the update.
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On 3/23/2023 at 6:47 AM, Nyerguds said:

You know DOSBox has inbuilt hotkeys for capturing videos and screenshots, right?

No I didn't know that, but thank you for the information. I'll check that out. When you get a chance I'd love to know what you think of my update. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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