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Issue with sprites and colors for new units! Help!


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So im using this sprite to make a new weapon but the colors are all wacko in the editor! I found the devastator template for colors works but can anyone help how to adjust this color of the png so it looks okk in game! Im getting progressivley shitter at articulating what im trying to say soo ..... if you dont get it just let me know i hope the base question still comes across! See That weapon i cut out already the color looks not good in game!!! but its sooo close to the Devastator color which again looks awesome ingame!




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hey fam! sorry about the late reply; I'm over on the Landsraad server but only occasionally check the forum

sprites undergo a process called palette conversion when they're imported via the resource editor as pngs. any colors that don't exist in a certain palette become one of the existing colors. Klofkac's v2 editor can import sprites in bmp format, which preserves the palette, but it requires a _specific_ sort of bmp format and I don't have experience with it. I've tried to convert to that format, but, no dice

it should also be possible to transform the palette into whatever colors are in your bmp format sprite, but I don't know how to do that either. that was done to complete a few WIP spritesets very quickly by a different artist

anyway, if you're working with png and the resource editor then the only option is to import your sprite, export again, and then adjust the colors manually. you seem to know a LOT more about drawing sprites than I do, cuz that gif up there looks great. if a bit large for d2k :P so maybe you have an idea of how exactly to adjust the palette itself and get the specific format Klofkac's editor requires? if not, then hopefully this information helps you work with the png

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