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Looking for a Dune 2000 Alliance mod made by funkyfr3sh


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Hi people, years ago i played an awesome dune 2000 mod were every house had an ally, was looking for that mod, but couldn't find it anywhere.
Some days ago, found this video on youtube

Tried to contact this guy, hoping to get answers about the mod. Could not reach him.

Is there anyone, who knows maybe this guy, or maybe funkyfr3sh (guy who made this mod) himself, or maybe someone has this mod for dune 2000 by any chance?
I would love to play that game with this mod again...


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Hello. I don't know what that mod is, never heard or seen it before, but there are a lot of custom campaigns created by the community, and most of them give you allies (sometimes more than one ally, I went up to 4 allies on your side in War of the Landsraad and so did Cm_blast in his Coalition campaign).

Here's a link to all custom campaigns:


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from the comment, a 10 year old mod it is unlikely that will reappear if nobody keeps track or reupload it elsewhere.

Playing custom missions may not be the same, but if you are into having allies just for the fun of having allies, I can tell you a few campaigns that go that way.

A secret plot: As mercenaries, you work for others so most of the campaign is the player + 1 (sometimes more) allies against enemies.
Alliance of Atreides: The player controls a 2º commander/general from the Atreides, so the player is Atreides (but brown) being ally with regular Atreides for most of the campaign.
Coalition of nobles: playing as a minor house together with other 3 minor houses. It contains not so classic gameplay from time to time.
Herectic alliances: starting as regular canon alliances, it will turn out into the unlikely ones. Most of the campaign you have 1 ally that build units from his base.
Ixian campaign - We tech-up Arrakis: you get an ally on a good portion of the campaign (and if not, it is either a defensive or a commando style mission).
Smuggler campaign: it is design-wise really ugly, but gameplay wise is the most basic thing, just player + ally/es vs enemy/es.

Any of the many Mercenaries campaign will have allies just by the nature of the mercenaries themselves. Some will have guarantee 1 ally per mission, others will mix defensive or commando style missions, but overall you will expect having allies.

These are the campaigns that have the most. at least 6 out of the 9 missions will have an ally and, if not, is just one of those missions where you get a few units and have to do a specific task, but these usually don't take too much to complete.

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