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Who's up for a good old Emperor Fan fiction story which people used to do on the Official Emperor Boards. I'll start if and you can come and add your own bits, just dont change the direction of characters too much and make sure you read what goes on before so there arent huge continutiy problems. Feel free to introduce new characters but try not to have loads otherwise it gets stupid. Anyone else think this is a decent idea?

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I'll just do a bit of an intro mith my character and see what you think

A tall, well built man stood on the Balcony of the Great Hall of Draconis IV, home to the leader of House Ordos, The Executrix. He stood calm and collected, his breath clearly visible in the ice cold weather of this Barren, Frozen Wasteland. The man was wearing full Ordos Military Uniform and it could clearly be seen by the medals and insignias on his chest that he held the rank of General. The Balcony was silent, as was the city around the foot of the Great Hall. The Draconians went about their business in relative silence and there were'nt many around in this harsh weather. The General remained still as he gazed upon the great city below him and his concentration lapsed for a few seconds, so much so that he didnt notice the Ordos Mentat, Roma Atani approach his position.

"General Jackaris i presume"

The General did not reply with speech, but only with a solemn bow of his head

"You have been chosen as the new strategist to the Executrix and High Commander of all Ordos Military forces on Arrakis. The forces shall begin transport immediately"

The General nodded once again, but this time replied in voice aswell with a deep commanding voice

"I live only to serve The Executrix to the best of my ability Mentat, i will take Arrakis in the name of House Ordos or.."

Atani stopped him in mid sentence

"Yes General you shall take Arrakis in the name of House Ordos or The Executrix will no longer need your service and you shall end up in the same situation as your predecessors"

Atani turned slightly and motioned for the General to set his gaze on the other balcony across from the one where he stood. There the heads of the previous Ordos strategists and Military Commanders remained as a reminder of their past failures. Jackaris faced Atani again

"I can assure you Mentat that i will not be placed in the situation of my former Comrades and you will not have the pleasure of ordering my head be impaled on one of those humiliating devices to contantly remind me of my failure. Now if you'll excuse me i have a War to conduct!"

The General placed fixed his hat and bowed to the Mentat before exiting the Balcony and proceding towards his transport. Soon he would prove his worth to House Ordos on the Battlefield at the expense of the Arteides and the Harkonnen.

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Then, before he reached the cold spiraling stair case, Roma stopped him in his tracks, with a new...lush voice "Yes,and If you conquer for the The Executrix, you shall....reap the rewards." as she licked her lips. Then, she reached for her belt, and as quick as the northern winds, she teleported to her Command Center. "I shall overcome for The Executrix. I shall prove my worth,", ".....Or die trying." said Jackaris silently in the dead of the icey night. "Prepare the convoy, Operation Genesis shall comence..." bellowed Jackaris. He trembled as he spoke the words. He did not tremble with fear, but with anticipation, and the overcoming thirst for blood. "The first House in our wake," "Shall Be House Harkkonen..."------------ - TO BE CONTINUED

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The Heighliner came out of the Space fold above the spice planet of Arrakis, the most valuable planet known to man. The Spice that existed on the planet was priceless, it over this that the Noble Houses were fighting for. Jackaris stood infront of a Holo Projector standing tall, his arms folded behind his back as he addressed the troops who were about to set foot on the Dunes.

"Soldiers or House Ordos, Today is the beginning of a new era in the Universe, today shall prove the catalyst for the reign of House Ordos as the Supreme house of the Landsraad. Today, from the time when the first foot is set on the Dunes of Arrakis by a member of House Ordos, there shall be no quater given to either house that stands in our way. All shall fall before us, House Ordos will prevail, all other considerations are trivial!"

A loud, resounding cheer could be heard from the troop assembly points. They followed their leaders without question, not through blind loyalty but fear of the consequences. The Harkonnen were once fabled for their treatment of deserters and troops that did not perform, but ever since Jackaris became Commander of the Armed forces, tales of his disciplinary procedures had spread far and wide. Many a scream could often be heard from the Generals interrorgation rooms, and it was this which instilled fear into the hearts of the Ordos troops.

The General deactivated the Holo projector and made his way towards his Commander.

"Has the Heighliner reached a full stop?"

"Yes Sir, i have received word that the Harkonnen forces and the Atreides are preparing to disembark"

Jackaris nodded and turned away from his Commander, took a deep breath before replying in a deep booming shout


The Commander did so without hesitation and the troops began to pour into the frigates. Within Minutes Ordos Frigates were making their descent onto the planet in various prescribed territories.

The War Begins

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They where almost there, Brilain Javadan, the captin of the 3rd blades masters. Armed with two double edged swords, a shield projector, a kindjal, and a small malua pistal, they where the elite of the Ordos. There where few that matched or surpassed them, the Imperial Sardukar where know to be as firce as and even more well trained the these blades masters, and a select few Atraties blades masters that where trained by Duncan Idaho before he died matched their effectiveness. *CRASH*A few thropers had sighted their personlized guild drop ship, several troops tumbled over each other as they where hit."Damn, they found us...MENTAT!!!" screamed Brilain.The minor mentat, Crastian stumbled in form another corador of the transport."Yeessss?"he said slurring his voice as always."I thought you said the this landing position was SAFE!"he said trying to surpress his anger to a smaller degree."Oh, butit issss." he insisted."Then why are we being attacked by thropers." he said with more of a demand for an anwser than a question.Then one of the troops spoke up, "It's those blasted Fremen...I'll spill they're water yet." he said grinning.Outside the engine could be herd shutting down."READY YOUR SHILDS AND SWORDS...AND OPEN THE HATCH...NOW!!!" yelled Brilain. the huming of many shields could be herd through out the ship. The doors opened, they had landed on a plateu in the middle of the desert. Seconds after the doors where opened they where met by a hord of Fremen."CHARGE" yelled Brilain as he himself was pulled into the long awaited battle. TO BE CONTINUED?

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A few Fremen had rifles, but soon found them useless. Brilain yelled out orders as he hack and slashed for dear life, telling his troops to push the Fremen to the edge of the cliff in Ordos battle language. There where countless Fremen casulties, but only one Ordos casultie.

"Report mentat." Brilain said firmly.

"One Ordos blades master dead, thirty-four deadFremen, twelve wounded, and ssssevencaptive...captin, it is the imparitive that we kill the wounded and the captives. ShallI?"

"No, bring an interrogation drone out of the ship, use it on him." he said pointing at the youngest Fremen of the captives that looked to be only eleven standard years of age.

The drone appeared to be only a round crystal ball, but when turned on by remote and in contact with human flesh it brough searing pain to every nerve in the body, but did no real damage.


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