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Stuck in harvester

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It's quite simple if you know your way around. But you have to take out the guards quickly and make sure you preserve your ammo by closing the gap between you and your target.

Here's a simple walkthru for the Harvester mission.

Open the right door and kill the guardian. Turn left in the corridor and try to kill most of harkonens with your knife(krys) (there are 2 guardians on the corridor and one at the end of the stair). Go at the end of corridor and kill the guard on your right, with your gun. Open the door.

Kill 3 guardians. Then use the lever with your action button. Return where you kill the first guard on this level, and go ahead. Turn left and kill 2 guards. You can pick up more ammunition for your gun in this area. Enter the machine room, kill the guard ther, and close all sand collectors by using the levers there. There is an other room with others sand collectors on the right. Close them all as well. Go back to the lever room and see (write down) a graphic code on the screen of the computer. Go down the stair and open the door in front of you. Use the engine and write the code (first line 0 to 3, second line 4 to 7) code is 20473. Go back in the principal corridor, and at the end of the stair and open one of the metal doors. That's it!

Best of luck 8)

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