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[Release] - The end of the Butlerian Jihad (single mission).


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Once again, the Butlerian Jihan theme strike with this new single mission, being the very last mission to finish once for all the Butlerian Saga. This single mission follow the very last map on the third campaign; although this single mission appears on the Imperial side and not into the Harkonnen; can be played separatelly but it is the true ending on the Butlerian and, this time, the Machines are not coming back (at least for this saga).

Since this is the final mission on the whole Butlerian Saga, it is expected to be a hard. So if the Campaigns weren't played before, it would be recommended to do it (although some maps from them may be actually harder than this mission).

STORY (spoilers from the previous campaigns ahead)
After all the events that happened during the long campaign on the Butlerian Jihad, the Ordos ended using a new and improved A.I. that used, successfully, against the Atreides and Harkonnen. Both were defeated so the Ordos remain at top with their unstoppable army.

The new Emperor it's well aware of all the history that happened in the past with these Machines. How his father died trying to use them and how the A.I. went out of control so hard that they almost conquer Arrakis. The story is prone to repeat itself, so the Ordos must be stopped and the Machines destroyed for good.

This is not going to be an easy task. The amount of automated factories that the Ordos have alongside a dozen of Sandworm trapped expelling an insane amount of spice makes them almost impossible to defeat, but this new Emperor have a plan.

For this single mission I wanted to bring one concept: The Ordos cowardly turtling with tons of defenses, more than the player can break. They have an insane economy (harversters out of reach and limitless), lots of turrets and units, multiple Construction yards... plus the machines bases will send more units to defend the Ordos if they are under attack.

But because the Ordos are turtling that much (maybe in case something wrong happens?), the Machine bases have much less defenses. They lack any Construction Yard and they are just there to keep producing units non-stop, so they don't have resources to even repair their buildigns if damaged. 

Sandworms are trapped in a cage, gameplay talking. Plotwise, Ordos will have more spice that they can harvest while the player's blooms will depleted in the long run.

After capturing the modified Outpost (first objetive into the game), player will be given the position of the different Machine bases as the game progress. It is suggested to destroy those Machine bases in the same order. There is a big reward per every base taken.

The Machines don't have anything to rebuild or even repair their buildings, use this knowledge in your favor. It's the opposite for the Ordos; among the economy, the quick reparations and the multiple Construction Yards they are much harder to take and there is no reward (besides completing the mission) for harassing them.

The game will reveal on their own the area where all the bases are. It is not needed to scout too far to have the basic info. Pro-scouting players, Watch out, going to far and attracting into your base more than 80 units at once may be too much even for the most skilled players, so if anything, at least avoid going anywhere the Ordos.

Taking out all the outer bases will make the Ordos to start loosing their money fast. If you are a player that struggle to destroy all those machines factories, then just wait a few minutes until you see the Ordos silos completely empty (vission will be given at the proper time). Once this happen they won't rebuild or repair anything, making much more easy to destroy them.

Name: The end of The Butlerian Jihad
Tech level: 6.
Player: Emperor.
Enemy: Ordos, Machines (Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos & Mercenaries).

Sandworms trapped producing limitless amount of spice for the Ordos.

One of the early Machine bases revealed: an Anti-infantry one.


Machines are really offensive; once spotted by your Modified Outpost, they'll attack soon.


The End Of The Butlerian Jihad.rar
Extract and copy the maps. It doesn't have any alterations or extra files needed (you should have the others already if you played any other custom campaign before).


With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it.

This specific campaign adds specific information with a summary of the main objetives, secondary objetives (if available), tips and suggestion that there are also told on the briefings, but with a image to help much better.

Download files here:
CustomCampaignData.rar<-- includes intel of the trilogy + single mission
BJ solo mission update ini.rar

How to install:
-CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored.
-.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte.
- These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version; but if that's the case there is no point on downloading it as I didn't use any "custom" stuff (only the intel, not affecting the gameplay at all).

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