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Issue with starting the game (goes green)


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I recently downloaded the game from abandonewaredos.com. Upon opening the game, it shows two small versions of the games title screen with a green shade. When I click on either, it goes to desktop.  I cant even take a screenshot while I'm in the game window.

I have an HP Pavilion Laptop 10th gen.

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Yes, use one of those; gruntmods is more intended to single-player with the campaign and the option to download the movies as well, and dunemaster more focused on online matches with other human.

both can play single-player campaigns, but it is more safer than using the raw game in any moderm windows. Maybe it gets to work, but most the time, it doesn't. They are the same exact game, the only change, that you may saw one person name's on the main menu, but that's it, no modifications, just the game prepared to work on moderm windows.

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