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Dune 2000 Playthrough - What custom campaigns would you like to watch?


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Hey all!

I've been doing a playthrough of the base Dune 2000 campaigns (via gruntmods edition of the game) and hoping to move onto some of the communities custom campaigns next month. Is there any particular campaigns the community would like to see played? I usually pre-record content and upload to YouTube due to instability of the client on my local machine, but I may live stream some of it if there is enough interest or recommendations from y'all.

Let me know!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dannydanku


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4 hours ago, Danku said:



As we spoke about on Discord, but putting here for posterity, what you're looking for after the Harkonnen campaign is something similar to vanilla maps, but, custom campaigns.

Here are links to the two recommendations that seemed most appropriate:


The new house is probably most interesting after going through the Harkonnen campaign since, you know, Harkonnen into Harkonnen seems a bit much. Then again, Devastator spam. Looking forward to what you wind up doin'. :)

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I would add the "Herectic alliances" just for your personal enjoyment.

This is a story where the war is not about several factions but several alliances: Atreides and Fremen; Ordos and Mercenaries and Smugglers; Harkonnen and Imperials
All canon alliances where the player will have always at least 1 ally to help it. Featuring the Tleilaxu which they still haven't joined any side yet (No modifications, Tleilaxu are just a Harkonnen side but more focused on infantry than on vehicles, and they may get grenadiers with carryalls, but they cannot produce those units naturally).

All these campaign shares the "low tech into high tech", so it will begin with trikes and quads and will finish with sonic tanks, devastators and all that kind of stuff.
In terms of difficulty, the order are: New House > Herectic Alliances > Harkonnen Family.
In case you want some progression.

These are the most vanilla-close experience with no modifications nor extra files needed.

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