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Looking for help with making good Units for Dune.

Anti Christ

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You can send images like this and I'll make it happen.




Here's an Flame Tank I published.
Target "Burning a path to the Goal.", "Killing Anything in our way Sir."
Select "Harkonnen Tank Ready." (Meaning the tank they will be using.), "Gasoline Tanks Filled."
Heavy armored, strong flamethrower to Destroy Light Vehicles and Infantry and cool Anti Flame Armor.
This is what it should look like.
The more of you make request, the more I'm inspired to make these greater Units.

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Emperors Trouble in Dune: Spice of Tribute
This Mod's Purpose is to Display an Battle that I participated in where there were a few Big Events.

House Atriedes Battalions are powerful and relies on Safety and Combat.
Sitenistirs Tank rivals etises Devastator Tank.
House Ordos Imescisenas is an Casual House that relies on obstacles for their Unique Weapons.
Eiker are Missiles Quads.
image.png.fed78bea2be5bd27b1b2ca7e972a469d.png Introduced to House Ordos by House Sesirsis.

Tank Destroyer fires an Deadly Cannon that Destroys anything, introduced by House Sesirsis.
House Harkonnen Terrorists specializes in Destructive Power and Victory.
Harkonnen Flamethrower Tank is heavy Armored that fires multiple electric shots  at their enemy inflicting heavy damage to heavy Armored Enemies.
image.png.e3b5b9bd2a0c3e1662ef822dd47f6b70.png This Super Heavy Tank carries light weight weapons.
House Sesirsis is an Terrorist Enterprise that are allied to other houses in various ways, their enemies are in the enemy's own Dark Colonies.

House Dark Colony relies on weapons of Chaos, Revenge of Scar.
Flame Tank is an Strong Dark Colonist Weapon inspired by House Harkonnen which is Sesenitesly their favorite House.
image.png Updating Graphics.
Target "Burning a path to the Goal.", "I will just, be what I want."
Select "Harkonnen Tank Ready." (Meaning the tank they will be using.), "Gasoline Tanks Filled."
image.pngimage.png.8a54673b76cdacb8b190f39e116f987b.png Inspired by another Flame Tank but without turning turret.

Setiresite Trike is Unattractively an Dark Colonial Vehicle that fires 2 rapid fire grenade Launchers.

Siege Tank is sold by Dark Colonies to other Houses for base assault and does heavy damage because it's Dual Cannons and Rapid Fire Rate, primary purpose as an Combat Tank.

Serger Quad is an Heavy Trooper Tank Special Ix unit that fires 2 Missile at medium range and does heavy damage.


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A flamethrower tank that uses electricity instead?

Gotta admit, your fantasy is unique.

Seeing as how Dune 2 doesn't have a mechanical RPS but only a natural one.
It would be wise to play around with the knowledge of health/damage ratio's. Range and movement speed effects. But also how a salvo is constructed and thus balanced.

If you are planning to do this with Dune 2000. That flamethrower tank has much better chances to see the daylight. But due to the mechanical RPS, also better chances to become a balanced unit in a game. Playable by others.

Good luck.


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