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dune 2 on dos box issues

paul the alien

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so after hours of  my head against keyboard, punching walls and screaming on screen i finally made dune2 run trough dos box

there are just two little issues 

1. sound doesnt work (i should have all the .pak files in the folder idk where is the issue)

2. muose buttons dont too idk if this how the game was designed but i can use space key instead

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For the sound, execute (on dosbox too) the setup.exe; maybe it has no sound active, you can choose soundblaster or adlib or any options that the game allows you.

The second problem is weird, maybe dosbox it is not allowing to click on things, but maybe the setup or the options in game maybe contain some part "only keyboard" or something similar that limits you.

When you say mouse buttons don't work you mean that you cannot even select units or structures but you can still point at units and select them with the space bar? Maybe  on the options ingame or the setup I said early there is an option to change that, or it could be dosbox itself that it is not capturing correctly the mouse.

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