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Dune II Website Moved to a New Home - And It's Better Now

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Hello all,

I moved the website that I previously had at duneii.com to a more long-term subdomain... duneii.nahoo.net plus I redesigned (the old one was a mega-table design) and added a lot more content too.

I did try the dune2k.com contact form but it sent me to a blank white page on submission... so have a look at that.

If you want your Dune II website listed there, please send me a reply here or through the website. I want to have something there for the long term that can be used by the community.

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I don't like the introduction that much (not feeling so inspired)... so if you want to suggest something better or something to add, please let me know.

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If possible, you could add the extra known statistics like health and such???
I hope I don't get your responces in my spambox. I left 3 messages on that website.


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@X3M All received thank you!

I sent you an email response yesterday. I will go through the text, perform some edits and add them to various areas.

Where did you want the acknowledgement linkt to direct to?

@stefanhendriks Thanks for the suggestion! I'll add more downloads here and to Nahoo - it's all linked up in one system now and every single download listed leads to a file now. I'm slowly improving descriptions, adding new versions, screenshots, etc. Oh, and your D2TM is looking really good! I haven't checked it in years.

Thanks to you both!


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Hi @stefanhendriks!

I've added a few new links and the Legacy download to the Dune II website at Nahoo.

I am not sure the duneii.com domain will be attainable, but I guess it's worth a try. I really wish I heard back from you sooner as I would have transferred ownership before it expired.

If you need any UI assistance or hosting for D2TM, please get in touch. :)

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