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Values for light Infantry or original templates.bin

quirky turtle

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Hi everyone.

I´m new to this forum and new to editing things in Dune 2K. I´m looking for the original values for Light Infantry ( a screenshot would be perfect ) or a original Templates.bin file.

What happened is I imported a Autogun Tank with the Structures Editor and it overwrote the Light Infantry values. Stupid enough I forgot to make a backup first of my D2k folder.

Anybody can help me please. Had so much problems with installing the game in Windows 10, I don´t want to reinstall it. ( On a friends computer with Win10 we can´t get it installed, and I don´t remember what I did to get it installed ).

Thank you so much.


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15 hours ago, Klofkac said:

In the newer version of D2kEditor I added a safeguard that will warn you when you try to save into original game files

How hard could be to add a "reset/restore" button? Even TibEd had one, although on TibEd the first time you launch it it does a back_up of those .bin files.

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