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How to extract sounds and dialog from game?


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Whenever I do it with DuneEx 2 I get some .CMP files that no player can use.
I can import Raw Data into Audacity, but there's always static. Always.
Extracting with BagTool is not better.

Thankfully the few .W SFX are converted into WAV by DuneEx2 without issues or static.

How do you extract E:BfD game CMP sounds and dialogues without static remaining?

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I tried importing the entire dialog.bag into Audacity and all voices (viewed and played as one long track) have static/noise in the payback.
One would think the BAG is corrupted on my end, but in-game there is no static/noise that grinds your ears.

Any ideas?

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Thank God, I don’t need to create a new thread since I’ve got the same question. I checked these BAG files and there’s a lot of WAV. Most of them sound normal, but a few of them have horrible noise. I wonder what that is what’s the use for these files?

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