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windows 10 and dune 2000 issues

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i have specific hardware specs..

mobo - asus prime b450m gaming

32gb ram

amd ryzen 3 2200g  3.2ghz

windows 10.

i have installed the gruntmods edition and the hotfix but game is crashing computer, creating next desktop with windows key and tab does not work,it still wont let me open process manager.. only black screen

running game in full screen is disaster.,but if i run the game in windowed mode i can control it if game crash so dont need to restart whole computer.. tried identify ussue but seems that its bit deeper,..

i have enabled direct play in windows features and functions menu but this didnt solve the problem...

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cant edit the orginal post but game crashes are not static,they do not happen always at same time,sometimes they crash after minute,once was able to play for half hour and most times 10-25 minutes.

i tried to setup virtual machine with windows XP to play dune 2000 but it crashed aswell.  same crashes happen in windows 8.1 but if i grab my old potato with 4gb ram and quad intel cpu with windows 7 game runs with no any crashes...

my conclusion is that all game crashes might be related to memory,how the win 10 uses it.

i was not able to find any solution so as windows 10 suer i am not able to play dune 2000 with my current knowledge,unless someone know how to run the game without crashing whole computer..

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5 hours ago, Striking Drekavac said:

yes done that,still freezes after random minutes. 

and did you try downloading the "windows 10 fix" from gruntmods webpage? I cannot say you too much options besides that and using the config.exe and trying with multiple configurations. I have been playing with gruntmods since, 8-10 years by now, with a few formating here and there and changing S.O and the game worked on Xp, on 7 and on windows 10 just fine.

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