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Noob question about the original campaign.


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On 10/11/2020 at 2:42 PM, Baldazar said:

So I just started the playing again after many many years and I noticed on one of the Atreides missions that I have a timer. The problem was nothing happened when the timer ran out. Whats up with that?

Level 5? I think that timer was for the smuggler Starport delivery, have to capture the Starport before the timer runs out if you want the really nice reinforcements at the Starport.

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Best way to capture it is to focus on infantry entirely and start walking. Get that engineer asap. And perhaps (can't recall if you have the money for it)  some more infantry units. Once you get that juicy MCV. Deploy it right next to the starport to be able to build asap. Maybe a refinery or 2. Leave newly ordered units at the Starport location. Build turrets at the other base. Get some quads over there to deal with any missile tank.

I love that mission, because you also can get siege tanks. (Just like in some versions of Dune2 A5 :)  )

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