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  1. The mission I'm talking about is only accessible through the mission select screen: This is how it looks when you start the mission: This is where you constantly get reinforcements: As you can see a plane is just arriving with reinforcements which include troopers and trikes and/or quads. This is where the starport is with a small base of a brown player: In this screenshot I've already captured the starport as well as 2 wind farms and a refinery. I built the barracks myself. This part of the base also included quite a few more wind farms as well as a heavy factory and had like 7-8 gun turrets. The brown player also has another base to the west just above the explored area. It has an outpost a refinery some gun turrets, and unit production buildings. Above that base in the upper left corner is a small Harkonnen base. The objective of the mission is to capture the outpost of the brown player that is below the Harkonnen base.
  2. Sorry I'm kind of new to all of this. I'm talking about the gruntmods version of the game and afaik it's not a custom mission. From what I gathered I'm playing 100% original game just with a few tweaks for compatibility and accessibility.
  3. So I just found out about this mission. It's an alternative 4th mission for ordos but when you are on the map after the 3rd mission you only have 1 choice. The mission also is a really weird one where you start with pretty well established base you get constant substantial reinforcements and there is an easy starport for the taking. Was this some sort of scrapped mission that remained in the files or what?
  4. Thanks guys. I actually had no idea a startport even existed on that map. Guess I should read the missions briefings lol.
  5. So I just started the playing again after many many years and I noticed on one of the Atreides missions that I have a timer. The problem was nothing happened when the timer ran out. Whats up with that?
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