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DxSard's new Sardaukar minigunner sprites (data for modders)

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so DxSard recently made these kickass Sardaukar minigunner sprites:

aren't those so freaking cool?

but their firing animation lacked a muzzle flash, death animation was a little funny, they were built for the Sardaukar palette, aaand there was no recorded alignment for the sprites. sooo i fixed that i guess

boring details lol


here's a short clip of their touched-up firing animation in three directions, and their improved death animation: https://i.imgur.com/zgblO4C.mp4

here are some idle animations. you know, fiddling around with the minigun and stuff: https://i.imgur.com/Hx9Khs2.mp4

they do in fact explode on death, like, they deal damage and stuff. so that explosion that kills them is actually meant to be their on-death effect. it was removed so the actual animation could be more clearly seen during the editing process. under normal circumstances, the explosion effect spawns on their corpse on death to better indicate that they are exploding and dealing damage to nearby units. in the demonstration clip, that's an off-screen Storm Lasher megaturret killing the unit with an identical explosion. the idle animations are just spinning the barrel without the ammo belt moving or the weapon firing. also, the colors being adjusted for the Saboteur spriteset means these sprites and the original Sardaukar sprites can be used simultaneously. so, maybe that's useful to somebody else?

the Saboteur's sidebar icon has a fucking weird palette, but I did what I could to adjust the icon for the palette. this is how it appears in-game:

call it 'stylized' if you want. not much I can do about that red; trying to use the minigun's actual colors just makes the weapon gray, which doesn't work with the gray background.

if it's of any interest, I'm doing up these sprites for use as the player commander's spriteset in my Summers campaign. here's relevant info about how the unit is meant to function:
     Summers' Ixian-built power armor enables her to lug a massive burstfire minigun into battle. It shreds any target by unleashing hundreds of rounds in seconds. If death or capture are inevitable, the armor can self-destruct to prevent recovery by enemies.

so that maybe explains the explode-on-death behavior, or the lack of rapid fire. it's burstfire! lots of damage all at once in a blinding hail of bullets, yay.

EDIT: I took a longer demonstration video. here's a link:

there's meant to be only one of this sort of unit on the field at any given time, which is why it's overpowered. the balance in this demonstration is irrelevant; this is meant to showcase the animations.

anyway I thought I'd just mention I've got these sprites touched up. here are the raw sprites and the sidebar icon:
Sardaukar Minigunner.zip

and here's a data.r16 with the alignment info. Saboteur frames begin at row 2149:

please note that the data.r16 file above contains a bunch of other modded stuff and isn't suitable for just dropping in somewhere to use these frames. if you wanna use 'em, import the frames to their appropriate places and adjust the alignment data in the resource editor using this data.r16 as a reference only. so, this data is for modders only pretty much, but if you're a player then maybe you'll see these sprites in a few maps. if you have questions, ping me.

@firefly101 perhaps you'd enjoy this spriteset for your infantry-focused mod? :P

alright, that's all for now. have fun

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1 hour ago, firefly101 said:

There is a possible use for the Sardaukar units that are recruited in MP which I use for the Starport. Maybe calling them Heavy Mech Sardaukar or something.

Sardaukar Elite? Sardaukar Commando? :P

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