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Railway Empire


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Some time ago, Kaylpso, the owner of the Tropico series, released a railroad tycoon-esq game called Railway Empire. This year, they released the complete collection, with the base game and all the DLC they made for it for around $40.00

The base game is free on the Epic Games Store till September the 17th, though you need a Epic Games account and the launcher. 


If you don't care too much for anything Epic, it's still a good way to give it a swing and see if you want to buy the complete collection on Steam or GOG.

I'll post my thoughts on it sometime later after playing it a bit more. 

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There's large regional sections of the United States as maps, and there's also a map encompassing the entire contiguous US. 


It's very much like RT2/RT3, with the maps covering a larger area being a macro view, and the areas covering individual regions being a micro view. 

Even these "micro-maps" are rather large themselves. Here's the South(West) map in sandbox mode, showing a line between a cattle ranch and Albine. The line out of Albine heads to Austin, which then goes onto Houston. 


I should also mention that while one chooses a starting city in this game, one does not actually need to start at said starting city. It's just the city the camera focuses on when you start. 

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