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Question about grain supply


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Hi folks,

maybe somebody is able to "enlighten" me...? :rolleyes:  Some recources on the maps (cattle yard, sheep farm, dairy farm) produce additional 50 % of normal yearly supply, if grain is delivered to the station nearby. How much grain is required to gain this "boost" in production? For example: I hava a big station that covers 4 cattle yards 🐮 (normal production: 3 loads of cattle per yard and per year; multiplied by 4 yards = 12 cattle per year) and 1 sheep farm  🐑 (normal production: 2 loads of wool per year).

So: how many cars of grain I need to deliver to this station for maximal boost? And: 50% gain for the sheep-farm would be 3 wool per year instead of 2. What about the cattle-yard? 3 + 50% would be 4,5 per yard, if I´m not completely wrong.... 😇 How does the game calculate in this case? Ist it 4 or 5 cattle per yard after delivery of grain? Is it important when the grain is delivered to the serving station? Does it make a difference, if the grain is delivered at the beginning of a year or during / near the end of a year?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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12 hours ago, jeffryfisher said:

I think it is 1 per receiving property. When a station covers multiple properties, incoming bonus material is randomly assigned among them (but nobody get a 2nd before every one gets its 1st).

Thanks! You`re absolutely right. It was even stated in the strategy-guide provided by the game itself (RRT2 Platinum, bought from GOG.com):

(Quote) >> TIP: When hauling grain to your cattle yards, be sure not to waste grain. If you haul more than one load per yard annually, the surplus will be of little value. One grain silo should supply two cattle yards quite well. << (end quote)

I should have read it more thoroughly before... Sorry to have bothered you unnecessary!

But one thing still puzzles me: How is the calculation of 3 cattle + 50% done within the game? Does it give 4 or 5 cattle?


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11 hours ago, Hobo said:

How is the calculation of 3 cattle + 50% done within the game? Does it give 4 or 5 cattle?

You could also ask how economic cycles increase or decrease production by 10% increments. I think that rather than loads-per-year, the game tracks months-between-loads. So all those production bonuses and penalties are really implemented as inverse adjustments to how many months you must wait for each new load.

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