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    mainly turn-based strategy-games - but rather the (good...) "older" ones.... Like Civ2; Colonization, Alpha Centauri; Master of Orion2, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Heroes of Might&Magic 3, Panzer General, Missionforce: Cyberstorm (and the like)
  1. Thanks! You`re absolutely right. It was even stated in the strategy-guide provided by the game itself (RRT2 Platinum, bought from GOG.com): (Quote) >> TIP: When hauling grain to your cattle yards, be sure not to waste grain. If you haul more than one load per yard annually, the surplus will be of little value. One grain silo should supply two cattle yards quite well. << (end quote) I should have read it more thoroughly before... Sorry to have bothered you unnecessary! But one thing still puzzles me: How is the calculation of 3 cattle + 50% done within the game? Does
  2. Hi folks, maybe somebody is able to "enlighten" me...? Some recources on the maps (cattle yard, sheep farm, dairy farm) produce additional 50 % of normal yearly supply, if grain is delivered to the station nearby. How much grain is required to gain this "boost" in production? For example: I hava a big station that covers 4 cattle yards 🐮 (normal production: 3 loads of cattle per yard and per year; multiplied by 4 yards = 12 cattle per year) and 1 sheep farm 🐑 (normal production: 2 loads of wool per year). So: how many cars of grain I need to deliver to this station for maximal boo
  3. Thanks guys (both of you)! I´m gonna try this, if necessary. On the other hand: I already won second and third of the campaign-maps in the meantime even without any use of the map editor. So I will try to use the game as originally intended by the game designers and keep the editor only as a "last resort" - if the going gets really tough... 🤠 Kind regards Norbert
  4. Hi folks, I`m a complete novice to RRT2 (although I loved to play the original version of RRT - a loooooooooooong time ago...😉). So I´m still experimenting to get a "feel" for RRT2, too. I just startet the second map of the first campaign (difficulty setting: normal) and I tried to make it a little easier with the help of the editor (only flattening some of the steepest terrain somewhat) by loading the savegame file into the editor - just as muzietto has described it. Much to my dismay, I noticed after saving the slightly altered map file, that by reloading the save game file, the ec
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