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E:BfD Carryall Settings


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I'm trying to re-adjust all the unit speeds in Emperor to be less insane and closer to Dune 2000. Does anyone know how to adjust the carryall? It seems the automated carryall will pick up the harvester not when it's full but every time it turns, which is ridiculous. At the default speed of 20 the carryall goes back to flying before it has a chance to pick up the harvester mid-turn because it's too fast. I tried lowering the carryall speed to 12, which makes the unit look more realistic while it's flying, but now it picks up and drops off the harvester with every single little maneuver the harvester does - if it goes to turn the carryall will rush down and pick it up, then drop it off one cell next to it. It will do this every time the harvester makes a move to turn into an adjacent cell, which looks lame. This could be hard coded logic. But I'll keep digging.

Guys, take a break from D2 and D2K, and get E:BfD. Go sailing the high seas if you have to - Westwood won't mind. What matters nowadays is you play the game. Check the support forum for info on how to get high resolutions working: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28667-found-widescreen-solution-win10-nvidia-laptop/ 

Get E:BfD and TibEd; check this game out. There's some massive potential for modding here.

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