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Dune: The Grandfather of Real-Time Strategy


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This is a fantastic video going over Dune 2, Dune2000, and Emperor battle for Dune.

I hesitated to post it to one of the games threads as it has a lot do with licensing and other history that encompass more than just one individual game. There's also some great points as to why a remake of any of the Dune games is hard to do if not impossible at the moment.  This is a pretty fantastic video relating to the Dune universe as a whole. Take a look.

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That video does a good job at showing how complex legal contracts can be. Especially those written before selling games digitally was a thing.

I just don't see remakes of the older Dune games happening with new games already announced. Petroglyph and Funcom have partnered in the past so I think the best chance for a Dune RTS would be from the possibility they team up again for the new Dune movie.

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