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Tileset .ini files fine-tuned for D2kEditor 1.4 (Warcraft 2 snowy tileset)

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Hi again, I'm done with another tileset ready to use with D2kEditor 1.4. The Warcraft 2 snowy tileset was basically the main reason what inspired me to even start making version 1.4, and which also made me want to play the original Warcraft 2 again after many years. I spent my best effort optimizing this tileset .ini configuration so that creating maps with this tileset would become very funny and piece of cake.

Here it is: Warcraft2_Snowy_Tileset.zip

As usually, here is list of changes I made:
- Configured 8 paint groups for 8 different terrain types (Snow, Dark snow, Thick ice, Thin ice, Water, Deep water, Trees, Rocks) + 4 common groups (Cut trees, Cut trees dense, Concrete and Void).
- Made the auto-smooth edges feature (Shift+click) working for all 8 terrain types
- Added Water/Deep water presets (which were previously missing) under In.Ice/Ck.Ice preset group
- Added Editor attributes on most of tiles so that auto-smooth edges feature can work correctly, these attributes are used in minimap color rules and fill area rules as well
- Updated minimap color rules. Changed the colors a bit for more contrast, added special colors to special structures (i.e. gold mine is yellow, magic circle is light red etc.)
- Updated fill area rules and added names to area types
- Updated TILEATRC.bin, added attributes on special structures, updated a few snow tiles to be infantry-only (there were missing infantry-only tiles apart from ice)
- Reorganized Trees and Rocks block presets more logically and in same pattern as other block presets were organized, creating trees and rocks is much easier

So just try it out, and with the auto-smooth edges feature, you can pretty much create a good-looking map in a few minutes!

While I was working on this tileset configuration during last days, I found some missing functionality and bugs in the editor 1.4 which I released there recently in other thread, and I made some additional changes in the editor. Most importantly, on theĀ auto-smooth edges feature, I added support for those "diagonal" tiles which are specific for Warcraft 2 tileset (if you don't know what I'm talking about, these are presets for S, D and F keys). I'm going to re-release updated version of D2kEditor 1.4, which can work even better with this tileset.

Heighlinet and Warcraft 2 tilesets were my highest priority for D2kEditor 1.4 optimization. I may help with updating configuration for other tilesets as well, but it would be good if you could at least partially understand the changes in .ini file and how things are working. And yes, I made definition of custom blocks easier, just look how it is made in .ini file, you won'T find the separate [Custom_Blocks] section anymore, and you can try out the "Preset helper" feature too.

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