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Help getting original version of Dune 2000


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The new Arrakis Map, and method of defining Regions. The Hex grid will be useful for managing and balancing and generating things like global weather conditions.  



we now navigate the map to some amount left and right. As you can see i have been developing this version of the game for 5 sol 109 hours. Well. Not really, the code has been keeping track of its start date and how long its been since.  

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So it is taking its time but I don't have a massive amount of time and I need to take regular breaks as the amount of work that actually needs doing is quite large to do in one go so this is why progress seems slow, However we are nearly at the point where I can completely populate the map with base locations which I assume will take over an hour to do to a good standard. But I am starting to get excited for creating and watching AI growth and exapansion, and start making the ai generate and spend its points.

Sandstorms will move from hex to hex and damage all base locations within a hex that a storm is operating. Sandstorms will move per random number of player turn per cycle per turn; so the planet is quite volatile. Storms could move to a hex once per turn, or once per two turns, or even once per three turns. Depending on weather severity that day.
Freman are a 10th faction that receive a turn; but are not yet playable. 9 playable factions. So fremen will make some moves and diplomatic decisions aswell.

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28 minutes ago, FedaYkin said:

Nice! There are plenty of territories now, so there is definitely a lot to conquest. I also like the storm idea

Thanks man; the AI will  obviously generate credits over their turns, and then use these credits to build up standing base locations; but when they run out of space to build up in that location and if there is no direct local military threat threating that location; I.e no need for defense, they will just accumulate their cash until they can buy or Order in an MCV and then go over and take another base. So before I code anymore I'll at some point over today, completely populate that map with locations, and as I implement the AI we'll implement all factions simultaneous and just basically twiddle about with it until we can get a nice AI expansion going on.


Looking at the original game something similar happens.

He deploys the MCV; he checks his power; he builds his powerplant if hes low power, and then he selects a random available manufacture structure(barracks) builds the barracks; checks power; not low; builds refinery; checks power; low; builds power; And so this is how its progressing up the tree. I gotta do something similar here to make the AI somewhat structured. The power plant is vital measure to decide what needs building. And here this is going to be defined by available buildspace in that location.


I think Canon; the Wind Trap isn't generating power; the wind trap is catching water. Water could be a currency that needs collecting in order to pay maintenance on military units. This might be a good way to have a fremen siech as playable. As since they wouldn't receive a homeworld economy; they would just never lose their water, and water would be returned on death. Potentially huge military capacity to compensate.

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Tleilaxu -----------------------------------
Technology: 732
Manufactories: 7
Natural Resources: 4390
Cultural Buildings: 10

TechQuality = 7
TechSupply = 700 
NatQuality = 12
NatSupply = 1000

Total Credits Per Hour = 16,900

Ix -----------------------------------
Technology: 1232
Manufactories: 14
Natural Resources: 350
Cultural Buildings: 3

TechQuality = 12
TechSupply = 1400 
NatQuality = 1
NatSupply = 300

Total Credits Per Hour = 17,‬100


In the above if Ix had +1 manufactory, it would generate 18,100

if Tleilaxu had +1 Cultural Building, it would generate 17,900.

Tleilaxu would be near balanced with Ix; but he is not building manufactories; if he built manufactories each of his culturals would be worth slightly less.
He has plenty of room to create his own balance.
Ix However has no choice but to industrialize. And so he will have high manufactories and a higher tech level.

This is just an example; and very few planets will have low Natural Resources.  And even then it is likely they will not be as low as 350, unless severe industrialization is occurring. Even Harkonen will receive a nice sum of natural resources. and again these will play into faction specific bonuses; who may have a specific advantage from specializing the homeworld economically into one of the two methods.


The Home Planet specializations look like this;

the home planets government is one of the following -

Technocracy --  We specialize in arms dealing and manufacture
ix; sells vehicles
tleilaxu; sells infantry
ordos; sells stealth modded vehicle

Stratocracy -- We specialize in military development and producing reinforcments
Harkonen + Atreides

Patriarch/Matriarch -- we specialize in diplomacy and selling mercenaries
Corrino + Gesserit

Mercantile -- we specialize in import and exports, space travel; trade.

Technocracy comes in two kinds;
Nat is things like poisons, gholas, trees, wood, fruit etc; and genetically engineered products. Culturally distinct;
Tech is industrial inventions such as most of the generic and household things that  ix produce.

Tleilaxu are a Natural Technocracy so  they develop more NATPRODUCTS
and Ix are pure Machining Technocracy - so they develop more TECHPRODUCTS
They are both economy, but one of them is more comfortable without allies than the other.
Atreides and Harkonen are both a Stratocracy, this means they are governed by a military force, so they produce more military at the homeworld.
Ordos are a hybrid Patriarchal Technocracy; so they are specializing in military via purchase of mercenaries; and are also able to sell units to other house as a technocracy.


Technocracy is a government run by a technical elite;
Stratocracy is a government run by a military force or the leader of a military force;
Partriarch/Matriarch is a government similar to a monarchy; with a single leader(in this case specifically male or specifically female)
Mercantile is pretty much representing guilds monopoly. They are receiving an economic bonus that comes through lower transportation costs and cheaper costing trade routes.

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