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Dear Folk,

Have RRT2 Platinum installed on a WinME computer. Have had it installed several years. It used to play music , now It plays game sounds, but no background music.

Is there a way to disable music? I may have done that in the past, but don't remember.

What do I need to do to get the background music to play? I have WinMedia player set to play mp3's. cd-rom plays other game cd's fine.



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Win-ME? Wow, I thought that went out with disco and platform-shoes.

Yes, music can be switched. It also has its own volume slider. Explore the settings. I don't recall exactly, but it might be in a sub-dialog under the main settings.

If you were a power-user in the past, you could have messed with the folder names to disable music or point to a custom directory.

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To access the control panel you need to be playing the game - the control panel icon is the one that looks like sliders 2nd from bottom on left (above the floppy disk icon). In the general settings you can set music volume - check it isnt set to 0. You may need the CD in the drive or you could manually copy the MP3 files from the CD to a folder of the same name on the PC. 

You could buy the game from GOG.com (platinum version) for easy installation on a newer PC. Its often on offer cheaply - normal price is around whatever your local currency equivalent of $5 is . It works on windows 10 too whereas installing from a CD can be a pain on 10.


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