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Dune IRULAN.HNM Sound Extraction/Replacement


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Hi Everyone !,

I’m working hard to extract the sound data from « IRULAN.HNM », it’s the opening cutscene from Dune 1.
I would like to extract and then replace the sound part (English voice) with the french voice.

This format is fully and well documented at :


I found the sound part it’s a .VOC file, id : « Creative Voice File ».

But i can’t found the size of this part in the HMN and i can’t read it with Audacity.

Can you help me a bit only on this file ? It’s for a fan project for abandonware France, we already finished 99% of the translation of each voices.
The only thing missing is the opening cutscenes (the only HNM file who have voices on it).

The opening cutscenes is here :


I hope someone can help us !

Thanks !

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Well, as it says, it's a voc file in several chunks. Not sure what determines the size of the chunks expected in the format (beyond the 16-bit size limit per chunk), but the specs of the chunk format clearly say


word chunk_tag          - chunk id
word chunk_size         - size of the chunk
byte data[chunk_size-4] - chunk data of (chunk_size-4) bytes total

And it refers to the sound chunks as "sd chunks". So I assume you just have to read the whole file in chunks, then filter out all the SD chunks, and stitch those together to form the full VOC file.

I'm not sure if Audacity supports VOC though. You may need to look into older DOS modding tools to convert those files.


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