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  1. Hi Everyone !, I’m working hard to extract the sound data from « IRULAN.HNM », it’s the opening cutscene from Dune 1. I would like to extract and then replace the sound part (English voice) with the french voice. This format is fully and well documented at : https://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php/HNM_(1) I found the sound part it’s a .VOC file, id : « Creative Voice File ». But i can’t found the size of this part in the HMN and i can’t read it with Audacity. Can you help me a bit only on this file ? It’s for a fan project for abandonware France, we already finished 99% of the translation of each voices. The only thing missing is the opening cutscenes (the only HNM file who have voices on it). The opening cutscenes is here : https://we.tl/t-E1k9DH30Ls I hope someone can help us ! Thanks !
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