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Dune II: The Neural Upscale

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So the increasing the resolution of old video game graphics using neural networks is all the rage these days, so I decided to jump in!

My first try was waifu2x, which turns out to be not the best thing around by today's standards, yet it produced results far beyond what a conventional pixel scaler can do. But now there's ESRGAN, and people are getting pretty interesting results with a model trained on Manga images.

So I tried this out, with quite interesting results (IMO), and I couldn't resist doing some Dune II screenshots too (all coming from the official Westwood screenshot pack):






None of the images were edited in any way, except scaled down from 1280x800 to 640x480 (for correct aspect ratio) and converted to the original 8-bit palettes using mtPaint with Dithered (effect) dithering method.

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The missile tank looks a bit weirder now. But overall, it looks more smoothly.

Have you some more images. Like how the tanks look like in mentat? Or like how they look like in the heavy factory selection menu?

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Hey, sorry for not replying sooner.

I was experimenting with different approaches to this, including neural network interpolation and using another network called SFTGAN. It does some pretty good job with screenshots from Command & Conquer (as shown here, scroll down for SFTGAN results).

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No problem, keep me updated. It looks like fun.

That medium tank in the first picture, has a weird looking cannon.
But those (darker) rocks, now they really look like rocks. I though they where bushes or something in the oldest versions. Unless,... they are bushes.
It looks good! But needs some cleaning, here and there I think.

Seems yet another forum that I never knew of.
But seeing that Plokite Wolf is active there. I will only lurk.

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