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The Brenner Pass manager problem?

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So I'm back doing my every two years or so "Let's play through RRT2 again" run-through, and am coming across a bit of a problem on this campaign.

I've never noticed it before, so I don't know if it is a recent corruption, or a long-existing problem (don't remember noticing it in the past), but when I select the campaign option for Robert Gerwig and +10% speed, it doesn't give me Robert Gerwig as the manager. (It gives me Trethvik, instead.)

Can anyone else verify ... is this actually a game bug, or has something gotten corrupt in my files?


Understand, I love this game, shown in the fact that I end up playing through it again every couple of years, but man, there sure seemed to be a lot of bugs in the campaign scenarios!

And I have seen that at least one person posted a corrected scenario, but the corrections they mention do not include the manager issue.

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OK, I managed to fix this one. They were checking the event at the beginning of each month, which meant you would not see the correct manager until the start of the second month, because the month has already begun when you get around to starting your company. So I switched the time check to when a new company is started ... and voila, now I get the proper manager.

I also changed the order of the trigger formula, since in an earlier scenario where it worked correctly, it was in the opposite order, and while it shouldn't have made a difference, I didn't know if it actually did.

(ie CampaignChoice1To3=1 and GameYear>=1853 instead of GameYear>=1853 and CampaignChoice1To3=1)

Hey, I don't know what might affect these things, I just look for differences between what worked and what didn't.

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The evaluation of "and" elements works left to right, aborting at the first false element (won't even look at what comes after it). For instance, one can test for zero before dividing by a variable, and the division will be avoided when it is zero.

For a tiny efficiency gain, something almost always false should be placed ahead of something that could always be true.

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