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Early Vanilla Gruntmods maps wrong tiles for events


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This it's something I really need to point, because I was looking into the vanilla original westwood Dune 2000 maps and found how the events on the two first missions (all houses) are in wrong places.

I know how maps got resized to avoid some bugs related with small maps + high resolution, but expanding the size of the map didn't change the position of the events, and because of this now things like reinforcements trigger into the black area, unreachable by the player.

I made Fey to give the maps he has so I could check that it wasn't my fault (messing around files, editor, etc), but also I am comparing with the original maps from a portable version I have here.

All the 1º mission maps, including A1V1, A1V2, H1V1, H1V2, O1V1 and O1V2 have most of the events happening outside the playable area.
All the 2º mission maps (A2V1...H2V2) have the events move a few tiles to the left, compared with the vanilla map.
*So, the overall problem it's: Map expanded = events maintain original X and Y positions = bad places).

Here the screenshot just to show the very first map.

My version of Gruntmods it's the; although it's not the most updated one, I doubt that have the correct maps, and maybe an early version still has the good maps? I don't know, I hope some people can confirm about this.

Overall, this it's a report to Gruntlords to let him know that those maps are wrong (at least on

I can fix them very quickly (and doing it carefully, I am the first one interested on being able to play the original game from time to time), but I think this was fixed some years ago but somehow the wrong maps become part of an specific update or something? I don't know.

Maps fixed here:

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My (old) High Resolution Patch script adjusted the .MAP files to prevent a crash with too small maps on a big screen/resolution, but the .MIS files were not changed which contain the event locations.

Funkyfresh, not sure actually who, fixed the problem internal (in the .exe) and these old maps/adjustments are not needed any more, but somehow they got into the (latest?) Gruntlord edition...

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