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Map seeds

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Hi everyone,

I'm curious, do someone has correct exported map seeds ? From various sources, I download converted map seeds, but it seems that several maps are not 100% correct. 
I also tried to search specific topic, but without a result.

For example, this is original SCENA021:


After using exported map seeds:


You can see, that map seed in .ini file is different from original mission.

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Hi, sorry for a very belated reply!

A while ago I created a set of (almost) 100% accurate seed maps using Stefan Hendriks' extractor and a modified Dune 2 EXE with MVC's sight range set to such a value that it would immediately reveal the whole map without having to scout, also allowing to save the game with no buildings before the defeat trigger would kick in.

The file was attached to this post but after the forum software upgrade it is either lost completely or not retrievable (if you download it just like it is you get a file of 0 bytes in size).

I think that maybe the maps from that pack were included in TCH's scenario editor, but at any rate they're obsolete now that the seed generation algorithm is known.

I wonder why you'd want them though?

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That's a whole lot of rough dunes, wow.

As for the spice, I noticed it changed in Dune Dynasty's skirmish mode as I added more houses, and the author confirmed that the game somehow adjust that so more houses have more spice.

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