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Structures tree doesn't work properly for me

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I'm not sure what's going on, but it's weird for sure.

Throughout my campaign I unlocked various buildings and units, however when I can or can't build them is bugged.

I could have upgraded heavy factory on mission 4 even though I shouldn't be able to, because it brings nothing.

I can't build repair pads in tech levels prior to 7 (in other words missions 8 and later). I can build them on tech level 7 until I build light factories.

If I don't upgrade construction yard for a while, soon I won't be able to upgrade it.

On mission 7 I also couldn't build heavy factory once I lost all heavy factories, even though I had four refineries and multiple windtraps.

On tech level 6+ I can't build heavy factories once I build radar outpost. So if I lose it, I'm screwed.

And now comes the list of what I can't build, like, ever.

Starport and therefore IX research center and palace from buildings.

As for units: MCV, missile launchers and of course special units.

I'm not sure how or why it is happening, I haven't made any evil edits. It's a fresh download and install.

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I have the exact same issue with a buggy technology/structure tree, but it happens globally, i.e., regardless of the type of play and mission level, etc., which means that it is a deeper issue with the game programming.

I came across Gruntmods Dune 2000 for the first time two days ago and was initially overjoyed to replay an old classic that had been refreshed, but I've now lost the enjoyment after having played a few missions only to be frustrated by this issue.

It was a clean install of the latest version (as of two days ago) and I played straight from there with no modification of any technical options whatsoever (which is not something that I am versed in at all, in any case).

The heavy factory is offered before the light factory, but the option to build either is lost once the radar outpost is built. It is impossible to build the starport, IX research center, repair pad, and the palace, even if one tries to be clever by building backwards, i.e., the heavy factory, then the light factory, and finally the radar outpost. The option to build either type of factory always disappears from the construction yard list, which in turn prevents the advanced buildings from showing up as options to build.

This means it is not possible to build any of the advanced units either.

Seeing as I'm not the only one with the issue, can someone post a solution or a statement of intent to update the game in order to definitively fix this bug, please?



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I’m not very good with computers but i installed the gruntmods dune 2000 on windows 8. I cant get my mouse to reach the building pictures on campaign. I can move my troops, scroll the terrain but i cant build a windtrap. Thanks in advance for replying.

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 I am experiencing the same problem every time I play the game I start building my fleet in my army and all of a sudden I can’t build the repairing pod,  no technology center and so forth. It is kind of nerve-racking because the opponent possesses all the heavy gear and I am crawling around with those mini tanks. Isn’t there a way to fix that kind of soon? Because I’m really enjoying the game and it’s so unfortunate that it’s not working properly.

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