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  1. Hi. I'm not sure what's going on, but it's weird for sure. Throughout my campaign I unlocked various buildings and units, however when I can or can't build them is bugged. I could have upgraded heavy factory on mission 4 even though I shouldn't be able to, because it brings nothing. I can't build repair pads in tech levels prior to 7 (in other words missions 8 and later). I can build them on tech level 7 until I build light factories. If I don't upgrade construction yard for a while, soon I won't be able to upgrade it. On mission 7 I also couldn't build heavy factory once I lost all heavy factories, even though I had four refineries and multiple windtraps. On tech level 6+ I can't build heavy factories once I build radar outpost. So if I lose it, I'm screwed. And now comes the list of what I can't build, like, ever. Starport and therefore IX research center and palace from buildings. As for units: MCV, missile launchers and of course special units. I'm not sure how or why it is happening, I haven't made any evil edits. It's a fresh download and install.
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