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The Search and Trying Continues


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Hey guys,

I am seriously searching for this and finally breaking down to write up a forum post (if I am doing a duplicate - seriously sorry; I have been searching but didn't find one exactly the same).

I have:

DUNE II The Building of a Dynasty - CD. My Win10 sees this CD but I can't get this to start in any manner (DosBox or Comparability mode). As we all know, this game is super old but I am still trying to get this to work. Being that I am not sure 100%, I am assuming that after an install with the DUNE2.exe that the game will then develop or create the needed .pak files.

My question to the community is if this logic is correct? Also, has anyone else attempted this and were successful in making it install?

I am attempting to use DosBox but having some really difficult trouble with the steps thus far but I will keep trying. :)

Thanks for any advice or guidance you all can provide.


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MrFibble beat me to it.

But as a pointer. Make absolutely sure. ABSOLUTELY SURE. That you are using the right dosbox. I had 0.64, didn't get my kknd to run. Eventually I did get 0.74 after a reminder. And ALL problems where solved.

Good luck.

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