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Upload limit?

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Apparently there is a limit on uploads? I am wondering whether this is based on frequency of uploads or total size of all uploads? I have uploaded quite a few revised RRII maps and now the size of files I can upload is too small to even upload a zipped file. Since I cannot have more than one account on the forum, I guess I will be saying goodbye to any more uploads.

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Indeed, there's a total size limit. If you hunt around in your settings etc, you can see a list of all your files. If any can be cleaned up, then you can free some space. You might also replace the largest with zipped versions.

I'm not a moderator, but if you PM Gobbalopper (see staff tab), then he might be able to increase your quota (or transfer ownership of some maps).

PS: Zipping is good.

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I solved the problem. I had to delete an upload, and then exit the website. Once I returned I was able to upload the zipped file, and that has now given me enough room to delete existing uploads and replace with zips. I'm going to zip them all to gain as much space as possible for future revisions.

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