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  1. A new 10 year scenario using a revised map starting in 1946 with three competitors. Empire in the Hemlocks(rev).zip
  2. Map Builder Starter

    This is a totally cleaned Empire in the Hemlocks map ready for any budding map builders who do not want to start with a totally flat no-feature map. The map can be easily modified using the various editor tools to add lakes, oceans, cities, or whatever your heart desires. The chain saw in the tree menu can be used to eliminate or thin out the massive tree areas already in place. Hilly areas can be leveled with the flatten tool. There are three only blank events and all categories have been returned to default status. This map may have the highest proportion of hills/mountains of any other available RRII map. Map Builder Starter.zip
  3. Corden

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Dominican Republic map starting in 1920 with two competitors. Corden.zip
  4. Summerwick

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Atlantis map starting in 1893. Summerwick.zip
  5. Tanagore Island (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using the Tanagore Island map. Electric train requirements removed, and need to haul goods rather than bauxite. Tanagore Island(revised).zip
  6. Trophy Islands

    A new 10 year scenario using a heavily revised LaLa-Land map. Choice between two winning conditions for the gold. Trophy Islands.zip
  7. Merger question

    I am under the impression that human players in expert mode receive hardly any revenue from undemanded cargo. Are you saying the AI players get more than the human player would for the same undemanded cargo?
  8. Merger question

    "Remove track option????" What is this? I know I can bulldoze their track once merged. I also discovered that water will be needed once the merger happens. In the game I referred to in first post it turned out that the company I ended up merging with had just gone bankrupt. I merged because they had started in another location that I almost started with. I quickly made the merged RR profitiable and endied up with much higher quotas for the winning conditions than I would have without the merger. Since this was a test run for a new revised map it has set the winning conditions probably too high to be duplicated.
  9. How do i make my own maps?

    Not 100% sure what your problem is but it is worth noting that there are two folders in RRII directory - maps and games. The maps folders store the original maps and any you have revised. The games folder stores your saved games. I assume you renamed the map you revised when saving otherwise it writes over the original map.
  10. Merger question

    I have really never messed with mergers so fooled around with it a bit in the current game I am testing. After taking over a lame railroad, I found that it was running 4 steam trains between their only two cities with no water towers! There was a full compliment of most every other station improvement possible at both large stations, and all 4 trains showed almost full water after running for 3+ years! Is this a program bug or what? Now that the trains are mine will the water be required? Of course, one of the big negatives for the merger was the assumption of almost $2 million negative cash. The only way to make the acquired railroad profitable would be to add more track to nearby stations but cannot be done any time soon with the debt. It looks like the best plan in this situation would be to add the necessary track to their track before the merger (which I always allow in my scenarios). In any case, I am abandoning the merger and returning to a previous save at this point.
  11. Clearton

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Green Mars map starting in 1910 with 3 competitors. Clearton.zip
  12. Dracdale (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a heavily revised Star Troopers map. This is one of my more challenging scenarios, and the two competitors will be all over the place by the end. Dracdale(revised).zip
  13. Limited supply and demand?

    I discovered the answer to my question by myself. This limited supply and demand works only with placed industries. After placing one you can right click on it and there is a check box for normal demand or not and a box to fill in for the supply ( I assume yearly). I was hoping there might be a way in the editor to muck with the supply/demand for computer generated industries. This setting would seem to be only useful for changing the supply of fixed industrial raw materials.
  14. Still playing RRII poll

    Wondering how many forum members are still playing RRII.
  15. I see there is a limited supply and demand setting in the editor's special restrictions section. The program note says something about clicking on a building and checking boxes but I have no clue on what this means or how to do it. Can anybody help?