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  1. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Industrial Fixer Upper map with one competitor. Plainland.zip
  2. Diablogrunt

    Headwind Island

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Tanagore Island map. Headwind Island.zip
  3. Diablogrunt

    Montenegro (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario. Montenegro(revised).zip
  4. Diablogrunt

    Fao Marches (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario. Fao Marshes(revised).zip
  5. Diablogrunt

    Afarse Islands

    A new 10 year scenario using a heavily revised Do the Hop map. Afarse Islands.zip
  6. Diablogrunt

    Whisper Island

    A revised Treasure Island map with three different scenarios based on the listed starting dates. The ultimate goal is to win the gold for all three scenarios. Bronze and silver wins will result in a loss. Whisper Island.zip
  7. Diablogrunt

    Cascadia by Nick Bennett

    When I get a map like this which is harder than I wish I just edit it rather than getting totally frustrated.
  8. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a heavily revised The Parnaith Bridge map. Smogville.zip
  9. Diablogrunt

    Kite Island

    A new 10 year scenario using a very heavily revised Kua'Apuani map starting in 1905. Two competitors. Kite Island.zip
  10. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a revised High Desert 2 map. Most of desert gone. Planwell.zip
  11. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a greatly revised MadKing map. All original events and territories removed. Lakeland.zip
  12. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Colorz! map. Verndale.zip
  13. Diablogrunt

    Grosetania (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Grosetania map. Bronze and silver very easy if you don't care about winning the gold. Grosetania(revised).zip
  14. Diablogrunt

    Problem revising Grosetania map

    Thank you again Jeffrey for the reminder which I forgot. I am now removing the file in question so I can test my scenario.
  15. I made a lot of revisions to the Grosetania map attached but the map will not show up in the load scenario list despite it being in my not full map directory. This means I wasted a number of hours on this map for nothing. The map does have a strange anomoly in that a fixed produce farm near the northwest corner of the map cannot be deleted. If you click on it with the bulldozer the program bombs out to the windows desktop. I ended up surrounding it with a lake, and have no idea whether this has anything to do with the basic problem. As an experiment I made a couple of minor changes to the original map and saved it with new name and that showed up fine in the list so something I did with my revisions must be the problem.