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  1. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Colorz! map. Verndale.zip
  2. Diablogrunt

    Grosetania (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Grosetania map. Bronze and silver very easy if you don't care about winning the gold. Grosetania(revised).zip
  3. Diablogrunt

    Problem revising Grosetania map

    Thank you again Jeffrey for the reminder which I forgot. I am now removing the file in question so I can test my scenario.
  4. I made a lot of revisions to the Grosetania map attached but the map will not show up in the load scenario list despite it being in my not full map directory. This means I wasted a number of hours on this map for nothing. The map does have a strange anomoly in that a fixed produce farm near the northwest corner of the map cannot be deleted. If you click on it with the bulldozer the program bombs out to the windows desktop. I ended up surrounding it with a lake, and have no idea whether this has anything to do with the basic problem. As an experiment I made a couple of minor changes to the original map and saved it with new name and that showed up fine in the list so something I did with my revisions must be the problem.
  5. Diablogrunt

    Mason County (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Mason County map. Probably too hard (at least for gold) without a great build. Mason County(rev).zip
  6. Diablogrunt


    Two different scenarios for this heavily revised FileIsland map. The goal is to win the gold using both scenarios based on the starting dates. Twoland.zip
  7. Diablogrunt

    Wonder Isle

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised DragonIsle map. Three competitors and a hauling choice of 8 different loads. Wonder Isle.zip
  8. Diablogrunt

    Cliffland (revised)

    This is my first created map. A 10 year scenario with two competitors starting in 1880. Hauling choice between either goods or food and alcohol. Skewed for electric trains and BoBo engine available at start (earlier than normal). Pretty tough winning conditions in my normal expert mode, but I did get the gold. Cliffland(revised).zip
  9. Diablogrunt

    Hidewell (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Euphoria map with two competitors hauling any loads. Hidewell(revised).zip
  10. Diablogrunt

    Straightland (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Tatooine map. Challenging scenario for those who prefer relatively flat and straight railroads with no bridges. Straightland(revised).zip
  11. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario hauling lumber and alcohol using a revised Ciairnes-Hinterland map starting in 1890 with one competitor. Eastland.zip
  12. Scenario ready revised Cairns-Hinterland map for map builders. All labels and fixed houses/industries removed. Interior rivers with beaches restored to normal rivers. While plowing ahead with preparing for a scenario I decided to remove all trees to get a better idea of the terrain for new cities and found lots of hidden logging camps and oil wells which were not removed in the attached file. This may or may not be a problem for a new scenario builder. Cairns-Hinterland System(rev).zip
  13. Diablogrunt

    Holt Island

    A new 10 year scenario using a heavily revised Falkland Islands map. Islands consolidated into one island. Holt Island.zip
  14. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Ukraine map. Boardington.zip
  15. Diablogrunt


    A new 10 year military scenario using a revised Rumanien map. Three competitors with somewhat difficult terrain. Wiinning conditions hard without a super good build. Nottingham.zip