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  1. The Mineral Isles

    A new 10 year scenario using the Apple War Ooze by Gwizz map. The Mineral Isles.MP2
  2. A blank map ready for a map builder. Terrain and reserved cells are the only thing left from original map. This is a very challenging, superbly built landscape. The massive number of events have all been tediously rendered useless blanks with no messages suitable for editing. I only removed general briefiing, all cities, regions, territories, stations & track, fixed industries, and houses. I lliquidated existing companies. I did not change anything else. The second file is the same map is scenario ready with cities and reserved cells edited. Cities are unnamed. Probably will work ok with more AI players than listed because of terrain. Apple War Ooze by Gwizz(blank).MP2 Apple War Ooze(scenario ready).MP2
  3. Limited Track Example

    This is an example for new map editors wishing to use the limited track cells special conditions feature of the program for their scenario. It is not intended as a new scenario to be played. In case you are not aware, this special condition cannot be tested in the editor when starting a company - you need to start an actual game to test. The map borrowed for the example is Cheryls Valley. Limited Track Example.MP2
  4. Berry World

    This is a revised Duty Free Warmonger map with three different 10 year scenarios based on the starting dates of 1850, 1900, and 1950. The Tycoon program allows 5 year increments between the minimum and maximum starting dates so for 3 scenarios it was necessary to end the game if any date other than these 3 are used to start. Berry World.MP2
  5. Hungary (cleaned)

    Cities removed because I had no intention of making this a map of Hungary. I Just wanted to use the terrain for a whole new scenario which I am now working on.
  6. Hungary (cleaned)

    This is the Hungary map cleaned and ready for a scenario builder. All cities, regions, houses, and labels removed. The massive list of events have all been painstakingly rendered useless though most of actual German messages have not been deleted because they have no effect. I will be building a scenario on this map, but put it here before I start for budding map/scenario builders. hungary(cleaned).MP2
  7. A revised map for those who like to make new scenarios. This one is designed for building 3 different scenarios based on the 3 normal starting dates. The challenge here was to make the game end if an in between date was chosen instead of the 3 normal ones since the game program allows 5 year increments to be chosen between the minimum and maximum set game dates. I will be using the method here on a future revised map. Treasure Isle(needs 3 scenario.MP2
  8. Mammal Island

    A 10 year scenario using a revised Madagascar map. Mammal Island.MP2
  9. Candy Bar Federation

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Hard Times Narrow Guage map. Candy Bar Federation.MP2
  10. House Nation

    A new 10 year scenario using a revised Germany map. House Nation.MP2
  11. Jaimison City (revised)

    New 10 year scenario. Jamison City(revised).MP2
  12. Supermarket Republic

    A new 10 year scenario using Corsairland map. Supermarket Republic.MP2
  13. Teholand (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario with good replayability. Teholand(revised).MP2
  14. Jamison City (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario requiring hauling logs and paper. Jamison City(revised).MP2
  15. Bridge Nation

    A new 6 year scenario using revised Portland Light Rail 1.1 map. Bridge Nation.MP2