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  1. Sarelia (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario starting in 1910 with 3 competitors. All existing track removed. Unfortunately this file is a bit too large for upload to the Terminal. I can email you the map if you want it. cohcjh@att.net
  2. A new 10 year scenario using revised map. Gateway to Paradise(revised).MP2
  3. Royal Empress (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario using the map created by Jon Calon with permisssion. Map revised for better replayability. Royal Empress(revised).MP2
  4. Venturia (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario with revised map. All existing original track removed. VENTURIA(revised).MP2
  5. Monrovia (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario starting in 1960 using a revised map. Monrovia(revised).MP2
  6. After region is created simply move the cursor over it and the area of region will highlight. If one region only then it covers the whole map. If you want the region in question to be a small area you will have to create a number of additional regions that do not do anything all around it.
  7. Lusitania (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario starting in 1910 with two competitors. Lusitania(revised).MP2
  8. Generia

    A new 10 year scenario using the Andalucia map created by James A J Wilson. Generia.MP2
  9. Handy editor spreadsheets

    I usually disable some managers and players from most of my scenarios to make replaying the scenario more replayable. By having the reference lists in the same order as in the editor makes it much easier to get it the way I want without skipping all around.
  10. Handy editor spreadsheets

    These two spreadsheets are handy for those editing maps because the individuals are listed in the order they appear in the editor. These are in Excel format. ManagersEditorOrder.xls PlayerTendenciesEditorOrder.xls
  11. Borduria (revised)

    Another new 10 year scenario. Borduria(revised).MP2
  12. Another 3 different ten year scenarios on one revised map based on available starting dates. Lots of choices for starting places on this very challenging map. Main goal is to win all 3 gold medals using each of the starting dates in expert mode only. Golden Fjords Scenic(revised).MP2
  13. Hiburnia (revised)

    Another new 10 year scenario. Hibirnia(revised).MP2
  14. Kua'Apuanii (revised)

    A new 10 year scenario. Kua'Apuanii(revised).MP2
  15. Ourcadia (revised)

    A revised Ourcadia map with 3 different 10 year scenarios, one for each starting date of 1850, 1890, and 1930. Small map with only 7 cities and one competitor. Main challenge is to win gold for all 3 scenarios. Ourcadia(revised).MP2