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[Release] Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign

Dark Wesker

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21 hours ago, Dark Wesker said:

If it's too hard for you try the version b.

It's not hard, just takes too long. I already destroyed the main factory in the Ordos base, so at this point It's impossible to loose. But that's it; there are still 4 more enemies to beat at south. I'll try to lure the enemy out of his base, if possible.

Mission 11 was easy. I run out of money before I noticed, but I build lots of units and some turrets, so I was ok. The AI didn't even have enough time to use the starport, so was easy to do lot of damage.

Also, I almost Forgot, but in mission 9 maybe you should add a warning to the player to save often or something. Game may crash when the money change if: Harverster it's dropping the spice AND player it's building a unit.

In mission 11 there isn't any problem because you don't harverst, but in mission 9 can be a bad thing loosing the progresion because of that. So a hint to save often can save a long run.

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I didn't know that could happen. I always save game because everything can happen. If a long mission, maybe I add warning about this. But for me there is no problem.

In mission 9 I just used a Starport and build more refinery and turrets. Maybe that's why I couldn't know about that. By the way turrets saving my units.

Good if for you the mission 11 was easy. Maybe b would be harder.

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I finish the game. I choose mission 12e because there were 2 allies. At least I knew I didn't need to fight 6 enemies to win, so I prefer having some allies.

Aaaaand, was easy. Except for the first wave, which I went behind my ally to survive, then no enemies attack me in almost all the map. All the enemies went against the Ordos, and since they have so many turrets I didn't even care about them, so I just build every single building at pleasure, 3 copies of the factories, 3 CY and no turrets.

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