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Dune 2 Intro music remake


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I can't remember when, but I read about someone on this forum who used Ignite (by Airsoft) to create music.

It inspired me, so I bought an Axiom Mini Air 32 and with that (and Ignite) i tried to recreate the dune 2 intro a bit. I intend to finish it but I already run into some limitations of the software. So I probably need to use other tools to finish it up for good.

I already have produced a raw version here, it is not finished yet. But I do wonder about your thoughts :)

Get it from:


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14 hours ago, X3M said:

That piano is creepy as hell. Keep it. :)

But why go that road of almost using the same sounds? Why not put your own style in it? With the creepy piano.

Atm I am trying to learn the basics with it. Adding my own flavor is certainly my intention. Not sure how easy I can change instruments though. 

I actually liked the piano sound, it is a very crisp sound.

I already learned that changing tempo during the song is not possible within Ignite :/


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Depending on the engine etc. I think it is best to consider more possibilities regarding music and sounds. I am sure there are, although I don't know what the programs are called.

If you want to make it really cool later on. Each faction their own instruments and theme. Just like in EbfD, WC2, WC3, KKnD. Other games don't really have this. And that includes C&C3 :(

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