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Need Help in creating a new Dune related video Game


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Type of game: 3d adventures/RPG

First of all it is a personal project, no money involve.  For now, we are 2.  The GDD is almost complete (game design document), i have complete the story and i am in disscussion right now with the owners of the Frank Herbert Dune copyrights.

My friend is a 3d conceptor artist, he will be creating the 3d objects needed for the game.  We need someone with computer graphic knowledge and also someone who knows how to work with programs like Unreal Engine 4.  The story of the game take place between the original Dune book and ''Dune Messiah'' book.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have interest in helping us and participating in a very interesting game project.

Thank you

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For now, all I have is drawing made by myslef of each planet (4) where the action would take (Arakis, Salusa secundus, Caladan and Geidi Prime).  I am very bad at drawing, that is why we need to find someone to do concepte art image based on the story and drawing i made. 

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