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Carryalls in harkonnen mission 2


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On 10.09.2016 at 8:43 PM, X3M said:

I have to get back on this one. Some missions have actually only 2 sand worms on the mobile version. Noted this in mission 5 of the Atreides.

Actually most missions, even in v1.0, only have two worms from the start. The change in v1.07 simply makes sure that those few missions which still have three sandworms also get just two. On a side note, IIRC the original files have one Harkonnen mission that does not have sandworms at all.

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Actually, capturing a WOR or Barracks is entirely possible. It's a bit of an exploit I discovered a number of years ago, in later versions when they introduced AI reconstruction of structures.

How the AI builds their buildings, is that their structure placement overrides ANYTHING that is currently sitting in the square, let it be concrete, rock, units, sand, or even buildings (someone mentioned that you can rebuild rocket turrets to prevent them from building, but would sometimes 'change side'. This is actually because the AI simply built over your turret with its own, and permanently erasing the one you built).

What is entertaining with this feature, however, is that if you capture the enemy construction yard while it's building, you will be able to place this building, anywhere you please. The only catch, is that this building will be built in the AI's faction. So, for example, you can place the WOR or Barracks inside your base, but it will be built as enemy.

Now, the exploit part; it is possible, as stated before, to build a structure on top of another. So, for example, if you placed your WOR so that part of it is overlapping a Refinery or Repair Facility, you can actually drive units into the Refinery or Repair Facility over the overlapping square(s). Since the structure isn't completely overlapping, it won't vanish. Strangely, the building you click, is the one that is on top; click the other, and it becomes on top.

The final bit; to capture it, you would need to reduce it to red health, click on the harvester/unit to enter the Refinery/Repair Facility. Immediately click on the Refinery/Repair Facility. Wait until the unit starts moving into the overlapping square, then click the WOR/Barracks before it finishes its move. Suddenly, the vehicle will capture the structure! Thus, Atredies Troopers, or Harkonnen Carryall spam, is yours. :)

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