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Emperor Crashing On Construction Yard Destruction


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Hi all.

Ran into a problem where Emperor crashed when i destroy the enemy construction yard. All factions. Campaign and skirmish.

Graphics are not an issue, tried it every which way.

Patched to 1.09.

Using Win 7 64 Ultimate.

Crashes when set to use compatibility mode.

AMD graphics are using latest drivers.

Any advice?

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I am having the same issue. Started after the high liner mission for each house. The next mission, as soon as i destroy or capture the construction yard the game crashes to the desktop saying "emperor has stopped working". Did you ever solve the issue?

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I know, I know. Necropost. But I am experiencing the exact same issue in Oct '21. Construction Yard is destroyed, the first mission following the Highliner, game freezes. I don't believe it is the Victory condition, as I have saved the CY for last, destroyed it first, and captured with engineer, anything. I have also attempted across all three Houses.


Have any of you uncovered a workaround or even what's causing the issue in the first place? Could it have anything to do with the Tleilaxu/Ix alliance? This is the first mission where you can work with them in any way.

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