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Is there a Spice Bloom Limit on a Map?


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57 minutes ago, Satoru said:

The reason i wonder is because i have placed a LOT of "Spice Blooms" all over the map but only the one's  at the top half regenerate

Total 80ish while only 25ish create spice bubbles

I think there is a limit (as with buildings, units...), but maybe you really put thousand of them?

I did a test long time ago with a map full of sand, lots of spice blooms everywere (no other spice mine-field) and several refinerys/harversters near. Quickly lots of blooms reapeared for all over the place. I don't remember how many I put, but at least for me all of them (or, at least, most of them) reapared.

I remember doing this test for my "butlerian" campaign, since I wanted to be sure all the players (mostly the IA) have enough spice to harverst during 2 hours or even more. This map has about 20 spice bloom, so I did the test before going to hard and seems to work.

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there is   limit of spice blooms  32 per map  if you place 33 and more  they wont work unless  others are notspawned  so  if you cut  map 120-120 size to  four blocks of 30x30 and you place 8 blooms on that block   now you take another 1/4 of  120x120 map  (another 30x30 block  and put another 8  blooms   then do on remaining  but you decide to decorate the ma with  four extra in middle okay lets explain quick why  only 32 will work . once spice is harested from bloom spot  the blom spawns and u can  activate it for extra spice now  if there is too many spawn points    and limit is 32  not all blooms will spawn after spice is harvested

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